Our maintenance crew takes care of all general repairs. Routine service calls usually take between 1 to 5 days to complete. Of course, emergencies are given top priority and include such problems as: sewer back up; heating problems; non-working toilets, and flooding.

During business hours, call the office at 315-894-2159 and the staff will make record of the request and inform the maintenance staff. When calling, the tenant should provide their name, apartment number, and the repair needed. If you wish to contact the maintenance crew after hours, please call 315-894-8524. To be safe, if the repair is not done in a reasonable period of time call back to be sure the order was logged in.

Tenant Maintenance Agreement

All families are encouraged to care for their apartments. All tenants agree not to alter locks or fixtures without permission from the Authority Office. No damage charges are made for normal wear and tear, but tenants will be charged for damages or neglect to homes and/or public areas. Damages are determined by the list of charges posted at the Administration Office and are tacked on to the next month’s rent.



Our job is to provide safe and decent housing. We feel we can say with confidence that our units meet and exceed this mandate. Although nobody can guarantee that there won’t be a problem we can say we work very hard to provide the best housing you can get.

We don’t have in house security or our own police force. We rely on the experience and dedicated police department that serves Ilion. We work extremely close with the police to identify and rectify any problems at any of the housing complexes.

We document all complaints that we receive in our computer data base and use that information to make our case against any repeat offender of the lease so that our units maintain a high quality and peaceful setting as possible for our residents.

You need to do your part. Report any problems that we should know about. Don’t wait to the last straw and then tell us. Tell us early so we can try and work out the problems or at least get started on the documentation that may lead to eviction for some lease violation.

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